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www.Lawyer-MA.com is a four year old directory style website for Massachusetts Lawyers and Legal Services.

While much larger Legal / Lawyer related websites get more traffic, they also serve a much wider audience -- we focus specifically on serving relevant information about Massachusetts Lawyers and MA Legal Services.

Why should you advertise here? It's simple. The "big sites" sell advertisng to nearly every attorney and legal service in the state -- you are one of thousands of advertisers. Here, you will be one a few. We will not sell ads to direct competitors. Your advertising agreement may read that we will not sell display advetising to another attorney in the same town who's preferred practice area is the same as yours. We may offer you a display ad on one of our category pages in the MA Lawyers & Legal Services Directory -- if so, we may agree to have it be the only display ad on that page.

Sound interesting? Contact us, we'll disucss advertising options, and how our site can drive traffic to your own website, make your phone ring, or have new clients contact you by email. We've got the clients, you have the legal services they need. What could be better?

Below is a summary of the site statistics for the past few months:

Month: July 2008
Total Sessions4,280.00
Total Pageviews15,303.00
Average Sessions Per Day138.06
Average Pageviews Per Day493.65
Average Pageviews Per Session3.58
Average Length of Session00:02:38

Month: June 2008
Total Sessions3,426.00
Total Pageviews15,322.00
Average Sessions Per Day114.20
Average Pageviews Per Day510.73
Average Pageviews Per Session4.47
Average Length of Session00:04:59

Month: May 2008
Total Sessions3,154.00
Total Pageviews13,436.00
Average Sessions Per Day101.74
Average Pageviews Per Day433.42
Average Pageviews Per Session4.26
Average Length of Session00:02:05

Month: April 2008
Total Sessions4,022.00
Total Pageviews15,350.00
Average Sessions Per Day134.07
Average Pageviews Per Day511.67
Average Pageviews Per Session3.82
Average Length of Session00:02:31

On average we have 100 new client leads a day. Most are very specific about what they are loking for. "Divorce Layer in Quicny", "Criminal Defense Lawyer in Dedham", "Tax Attorney with State and Federal Experince"... etc.. Tell us your preferred practice area, or area of expertise, and we'll deliver the client leads.

We currently run Google 'AdSense' ads and will be removing them as the categories fill with local ads.

We are offering ads for $720/year* which includes;

  • placement in one category (your choice)
  • ad rotation through all open spots (run of site).
  • client referrals for your practice area
  • free ad design with 1 year contract.
  • text or graphic advertising
* short runs and non-standard ads at additional charge.

Please contact us by email at office@lawyer-ma.com to place your ad or for additional information.

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