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MA Legal Forms

Many legal forms used in the Massachusetts courts are available in .PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format) and may be used exactly as the paper/printed version. NOTE: there are rules and guidelines for computer printed forms, (and possible penalties if forms do not comply with the standards and practices established by the courts).

Trial Court Forms:

Appearance of Counsel

Motion, (General Purpose)

Request for Default - (Rule 55 (a))
Request for Default Judgement - (Mass R. Civ P. 55(b)(3))

Notice of Voluntary Dismissal
Stipulation of Dismissal - (Mass. R. Civ. P. 41(a)(1)(ii))

MA Sentencing Commission Guideline Form

Operators Petition for Review of License Suspenension, (for Breath Test Refusal)

Statement of Facts (for Criminal Complaint)

Summary Process (Eviction) Summons and Complaint

MA / U.S. Bankruptcy Court Forms:

Electronic Case Filing System, Attorney Certification

Proof of Claim

Family & Probate Court Forms:

(NOTE: Read rules concerning use of Computer Forms in Probate Court)

Conservatorship Petition

Guardianship of Minor (pg.1 / front)
Guardianship of Minor (pg.2 / back)

Misc. Legal Forms:

Declaration of Homestead

Affidavit of Indigency


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